In Defense


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This, perhaps, is the continuation or better yet a meander of the idea from my previous post about art, titled properly Art Is not a Gadget. It is something I wanted to write about, especially now when The Last Jedi discussions have started since the trailer was released. This is quite an unpopular opinion, but still the one that I firmly stand for.

Regarding Star Wars, we all know that the original trilogy has done so much and changed both the experience in the cinema and movies in general. Then prequels happened, and many people who were absolutely captivated by Episodes IV, V, and VI felt betrayed by Episodes I, II, III. However, I think that prequels are more interesting than the original trilogy. In terms of story, I find them more intriguing. Perhaps it’s because they really expand on the lore and the universe of Star Wars, which I always look forward to. And I admit that they are not as tight movies as those in the original trilogy, but they also had more challenges to face and overcome. Continue reading

Impressions 74


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You know, I always rant to my friends how independent productions need to get more support and attention, and how we should watch them more. And then, I have a Darth Vader PEZ dispenser. Yes, I’m part of the problem.

Impressions 73


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Nature, I love. The silence and peace of green, blue, yellow, and copper is irreplaceable. Humanity, I like. The idea of it is appealing and hopeful. People, I can do without.

Ink Practice for a Short Story


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Anything can be a short story. They hide in the least suspecting of moments. For example, when I came back from watching the new Power Rangers movie, which was everything you would want from it, I posted the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song. The comments of my friends followed soon to form a lovely situational literary piece.

Friend 1: That good?

Me: That good.

Friend 2: That good!

Impressions 72


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Have you seen the movie Last Action Hero? It’s the one with a magic ticket, Schwarzenegger, and homage to everything action movies used to be. If you’re not familiar with it, I would very much recommend it.

It’s not really the whole I want to write about here. It’s actually just one sequence near the beginning of the film that kind of sparked my inspiration. Bored while watching 1948’s Hamlet in class, the protagonist fantasizes about Schwarzenegger’s character, an action hero, actually playing the prince of Denmark. Needless to say, Schwarzenegger Hamlet is not as indecisive as Shakespeare’s prince and even uses a machine gun to solve problems in the state of Denmark. Who wouldn’t want to see that version of Hamlet?

However, I thought about taking the story in a bit of a different direction. What if Schwarzenegger played an old Hamlet? This Hamlet would still delay his revenge, but he would postpone it so much that all members of the court against whom the prince plotted died of natural causes or old age. Hamlet is alone in his castle, contemplating how his indecisiveness led to him losing the one act that gave him sudden purpose in life. The only task he has is to constantly defend Denmark from Norwegian attacks led by Fortinbras, who, although also old, has never given up on his quest. Finally, Hamlet realizes that he cannot fight off waves of Norwegian army and remain a recluse in his melancholy and lack of agency. So, then we get Hamlet from Last Action Hero, the one that fights, delivers great one-liners, and doesn’t play fair.

This idea that I have had for a while was based on the fact that The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark is such a well-known story, but it has never truly been approached from a more parodistic perspective. This would not be a complete parody, but it would point out some of the issues the titular character struggles with, and his reasons for it. The best part of such great stories is that they encourage reinventions. This is just a direction I thought would be fun, and I am sure you also have had yours.

Impressions 71


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Perhaps this will be too long for Impressions, but I just had to get it out of my system. Another IWD has come and gone. All the statistics were presented, all the encouragements were spoken, but somehow after the 8th, the 9th turned out to be the 7th again. It seems as if nothing has changed. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve come far, but there is still a lot of work left to be done. There are a lot of problems in this world, but we need to deal with them efficiently and one at the time. There are no bigger or smaller issues, they are all important to discuss. So, consistent with the theme of IWD, in these Impressions, I will write about my perspective of feminism and myself as a feminist, about misogyny, and about representation. To be clear, I’m not trying to persuade anyone of anything, because I know that previously formed convictions are hardly changed or not changed at all. Continue reading

Once Again


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Flowers of spring, you bloomed too early, winter rains have not settled in the soil yet. Your frail, bare, green bodies will not survive the cold winds that still howl every night. Be careful, flowers, you might have awaken too tender and too unprepared. The cycle will repeat itself again, but it is not your time yet. Wait, flowers of spring, the right time to bloom to your full glory.

Impressions 70


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It’s been awhile since I wrote something in my first language. Writing in two languages can be strange. It is as if I have two styles and perspectives on writing and world in general imprinted in my mind. Sometimes it can be a real struggle to make the languages separated and not influenced by one another. This perhaps is the reason why I have been using only one language for my recent writings. However, I’ve decided to activate the first one as well. It will be returning to roots of a sort. There are certain stories that require specific words and forms, and there are some that I think would fit better with one language rather than with the other one. I don’t know if you have had this experience. If you do, feel free to share your thoughts about it.

The Chronicles: Part 2 – Chapter 4


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It took him less than ten minutes to put the body on his shoulders, sneak out of the mansion, and reach the riverbank. Philomela was like a feather. He closed her eyes after he murdered her. Like that, she seemed asleep. The river washed his hands and shortly, the water in front of Basic turned red from the blood. He wrapped her corpse in a dark cloth, which soaked the remaining blood dripping from the wound. Then, he tightened it with a rope, and left the end free, so he could tie it around a rock. With little effort, he pushed Philomela’s body into the river. It didn’t sink right away, but slowly disappeared from the surface. Soon, there was nothing except circle waves moving away from the place where the body was thrown into the water. Aranth sat down and watched the water for some time. Lavinia will be pleased. Her order was done, her wishes fulfilled. It’s not going to change anything. Her husband will have affairs, she has an ongoing affair, but one life was taken because her pride was hurt. The Basic did not try to justify himself. He was guilty as much as the governor’s wife. His only hoped was that she would change, once she gets away from all that made her depressed and upset. The Basic remembered the problem that Castor presented in front of him. What if he stops loving Lavinia? He didn’t need thoughts of that kind. The moment was wrong. If he had any doubts, he should have discovered them earlier, not now, when almost half of the work is done.

Aranth went back to his mansion, and entered like a thief, silent as possible, sticking to the shadows. He had to change his clothes. The Basic could hear that the party was in its full swing, and that apparently no one missed him. Nobody noticed that wasn’t there. Suddenly, he heard steps in the corridor, outside the room he was hiding in. The steps were loud and fierce. The owner of the feet stopped in front of the room and held his breath. The Basic went to the door and opened them abruptly to surprise the one was standing and waiting. Continue reading