Impressions 86


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The reaction after achieving the long-awaited success is surprisingly not that ecstatic. It’s just emptiness. At this point, there is only a question. Now what? Where to? It’s always about the next goal, it’s as if one isn’t enough. There will inevitably be another.


Impressions 85


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Strange, how they always say they’d love us no matter what, yet they hate us when our idea of ourselves doesn’t agree with their concept of us.

Let the Future In


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We must seize the potential presented by the future. If we fail it, we will fail ourselves. This rainbow path is the gateway into the years to come.

Impressions 82


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A change is here, better get used to it. We are not stopping and we will not be silent. We do not have to be taught what it looks like, you do. We know. Do not be afraid, it will be good for you as well. Some of us do not have to experience it to be able to recognize it. It does not have to be me too to empathize with it. Attack against one of us is an attack against all of us.