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The café was full of people that day. A man was sitting at the table in the outside row and was reading newspapers. He did not seem to mind the murmur around him, but he would often look over his shoulder as he was expecting someone. Warm, bitter coffee slipped down his throat. Mr. Gold’s day started wonderfully. Paris was flourishing in the April breeze, the river was quiet and all of the monuments were all in their place. In fact, everything was in its place. Twenty years ago, Mr. Gold would doubt such delightful circumstances, but now, he just wanted to drink his coffee and enjoy the sight around him. Occasionally, he would touch his left inside pocket, just to make sure that the contents of it were safe. He went through a lot of trouble and had to end a lot of lives to end it. He could not afford to be reckless about it now.

Then, a man, dressed in a metallic blue suit approached him. Mr. Gold obviously recognized him and fear instantly showered his face. Our best creations are obviously the end of us.

“Mr. Silver…” he whispered with shivers in his voice.

“My good friend, Mr. Gold,” Silver replied.

“Not just a friend, a student of mine. My favourite, may I add,” the older man said. Mr. Silver grinned and called the waiter to order some coffee for himself.

“Isn’t it a wonderful day?” Mr. Silver asked.

“It is. I wouldn’t ruin it, if I were you,” Mr. Gold said.

“If you give me what I came for, perhaps this will end as a good day after all,” Mr. Silver replied. The waiter brought his coffee, and he smiled and paid for it right away. He was in a hurry, but that did not mean he forgot his manners.

“You know that I deserve this. I am an older agent, I’ve given everything to the agency. I should have this, Mr. Silver,” Mr. Gold said in a serious voice.

“That is very unfortunate. But, the rest of us deserve it as much as you do. We have worked hard, we have followed through most merciless and vicious orders. I have done that. You are no better than me. And this is a game with only one winner, so pardon my lack of sympathy,” Mr. Silver said.

“I am glad to see that you’ve turned out to be a good agent. But, that never implies that you’ve turned out to be a good person. Quite the opposite always happens,” Mr. Gold said.

“I am sorry,” the younger man replied. Furthering the conversation was pointless. Both of them were aware of that. The sooner it was over, the better. Mr. Gold was ready.

Mr. Silver pressed Mr. Gold against the chair and took out a gun. The shots were silent, and no one in the café actually noticed what was happening. Mr. Silver searched through the dead man’s pockets, until he found a grey, folded piece of paper. He carefully examined it as he walked away from the café. There was a single word on the paper. Mr. Silver looked at it several times, typed it on a screen of a black, plastic card and then burned the paper. The ashes spread into the spring air.

Paris looked lovely in April. But, Mr. Silver did not have time to enjoy its wonders. He had to be on the plane for Berlin in half an hour. He had to find the remaining two papers with words written on them if he wanted to win the race. The individual words were part of the code that provided the access to the newest weaponry. His agency could use the new generation of weapons in the upcoming conflicts. Mr. Silver truly despised warfare. It made him kill his mentor. Mr. Gold was the man who introduced him into the agency, into all the spy games that he so admired when he was younger. But, now there was a prize set by the agency and every senior agent wanted it. It was the ticket out, the ultimate liberation from the violent business they were in. Tired of the constant blood spill he caused around the globe, Mr. Silver was desperate to find the rest of the words and give it to the agency. He did not care what the agency would do with the weapons, as long as he would collect his reward. Yet, the chase was not easy. Besides him and Mr. Gold, there were also Mr. Blue, Ms. Green and Mr. Red who were after the code. He killed Mr. Gold, and found out that Mr. Red did the same to Mr. Blue. So, there were just the three of them left. In all honesty, Mr. Silver did not believe he could come on top. The competition was too strong, but he decided to give all that he had to try to get alive out of the whole situation.

Airport was crowded with people looking for their exits and making sure that they had all of their belongings with them. Mr. Silver checked his ticket and soon took his seat on the plane. He was happy that he got to sit next to the window. Mr. Silver enjoyed watching how the city below would turn into intertwined stretches of lines. Everything seemed chaotic from above, as cars, buildings and people turned into smears. The flight passed smoothly, and Mr. Silver was ready to conquer Berlin. The information he received revealed that Mr. Red was in the German capital, and another part of the code was in his possession.