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The last information that Mr. Silver got was that Mr. Red was at the hotel near Alexanderplatz. He tapped into the hotel network, and quickly discovered the room number of his former friend. Mr. Silver and Mr. Red have worked together for almost fifteen years, so Mr. Silver could easily tell which of the names Mr. Red’s alias was. Mr. Silver leaned against a linden tree, and sighed. He looked at the lines of the Berlin Cathedral showing in the distance, as the roar of traffic surrounded him. Mr. Silver slowly moved down the wide street, a little bit excited and nervous at the same time. Mr. Red, unlike Mr. Gold, was a very eager and aggressive agent, and Mr. Silver knew he was going to bleed heavily if he wanted to get the second paper. But, he had his trusty gun, which never failed him before. It was his first gun, a gift from the agency. One of Mr. Silver’s favourite features about it was that the gun could be broken into little pieces, carried around in a pocket, and then reassembled without a problem. It saved him a lot of time at the customs.

Mr. Silver was a man of one gun. Mr. Red was a man who had almost his entire arsenal with him. Maybe that is why he was so successful. Both of the agents had the rights to claim the reward, and Mr. Silver was aware of that. Mr. Red would not be as friendly to him like Mr. Gold was. Mr. Silver walked into the hotel, passed the reception when the clerk was not paying attention, and went up the stairs. Using an elevator would be a risk. If his guess was correct, Mr. Red’s room was supposed to be on the fourth floor. Mr. Silver passed Mr. Red’s room number 421 and knocked on the door of the one next to it, number 420.

“Yes?” the voice from the inside asked. Mr. Silver did not reply, but he did knock on the door again. Seconds after, he heard angry footsteps approaching and grabbing the doorknob. The door opened, and an elderly woman went out on the corridor. Mr. Silver came behind her back, and covered her face with his forearm. He quickly entered her room dragging the woman inside as well. The pressure of his arm finally caused her to faint, so he gently placed her on the floor. Then, he went out on the balcony, and carefully peaked into the Mr. Red’s room through its window. It appeared that the room was empty. Mr. Silver jumped from one balcony to the other. He put a silencer on his gun and shot the corners on the balcony door where the glass met the wooden frame. As he slightly pushed the bottom of the glass, it fell out of the frame towards him, and he caught it in time to stop it from breaking.

Mr. Silver went inside, and carefully examined the environment. By the equipment he found there, it was definitely his old companion’s room. Everything was there, knives and darts, to multiple passports and identity cards. Mr. Silver thought how lucky he was to find his competition absent and have an opportunity for an element of surprise. Mr. Silver checked the bathroom and it was empty as well. Where was Mr. Red? He was too suspicious and too precautious to leave his belongings unattended. Mr. Silver thought that something must have forced him out. And his assumption was confirmed. The room door violently opened and Mr. Red fell inside. Mr. Silver prepared his gun, but stayed in the bathroom to see what would happen next. Mr. Red quickly got up and hid behind the bed, and Mr. Silver watched as Ms. Green appeared at the door and started shooting from her semiautomatic.

“It’s pointless, Mr. Red,” she screamed over the bullets flying and piercing the walls and the furniture. Mr. Red randomly fired several shots from behind the bed, just to make her back down for few seconds.

“I won’t go out without a fight,” Mr. Red replied. Mr. Silver observed the situation. He considered getting involved, but realized that it would be better if he let one of them take out the other one for him.

“The fight is over,” Ms. Green said and ran from the door to the opposite side of the room. In that moment, Ms. Green and Mr. Red were facing one another. They were pointing their weapons at each other, breathing heavily. Mr. Silver was sweating with anticipation of what would happen next. Ms. Green was a survivor. She only cared about the end, when she reaches the prize. All the scratches she would get in the process were irrelevant. All the wounds would not even hurt. She knew that Mr. Red would react as soon as she would. That is why she had to be fast.

Ms. Green jumped to the side and fired shots at Mr. Red. He returned the favour, and the two bullets hit her shoulder, as she fell on the floor. Her shots were not in vain, either. A dark hole appeared on Mr. Red’s cheekbone and blood poured out of it. Ms. Green was injured, but Mr. Red was dead. Mr. Silver realized that she would have to attend to her shoulder and that she would probably come to the bathroom to wash her wounds. His heart was pounding. The door and the balcony were his only choices. He had to use the moment when she was the weakest. He thought about the paper with the part of the code, but he had no time for it at the moment. Even though she was hurt, Ms. Green was still dangerous. So, before she could get up and recover, Mr. Silver walked out of the bathroom, pointing his gun at her. Naturally, as soon as she had seen his shadow emerging from behind the bathroom door, Ms. Green had her semiautomatic ready as well. The surprise on her face was obvious.

“Good day,” Mr. Silver politely said.

“Mr. Silver, have you been there the entire time?” she asked. She was starting to feel a bit dizzy, and she was just trying to stay concentrated and conscious.

“Yes, I have. And forgive me, but I could not have interrupted your dispute with Mr. Red,” he replied.

“You are most considerate, Mr. Silver. However, I will have to ask you to leave now,” Ms. Green said and fired into the wall behind him. Neither of them wanted to die at that moment. Their conflict would have to wait for another day to be resolved.

“I understand,” Mr. Silver said and went out of the room. Ms. Green wrapped the bed sheet cloth around her wounds and used all of her remaining strength to search for the paper containing the part of the code. She finally found it in one of the Mr. Red’s passports, but she immediately felt weakness in her legs. She was certain that she would faint soon, and she had to get out of there fast. She was actually confused why the hotel security did not show up already. Ms. Green looked around. Her blood and prints were everywhere. Yet, none of that would matter if she delivered the code to the agency. All the record and information about her would be erased and she would have a chance to start her life over. Somehow, she stumbled out of there before the police and the security came. Wandering down the corridors, Ms. Green finally found her room. She went to the bathroom and went under the shower. Hot water poured as she wiped the long, steel scissors with some alcohol from the cupboard above the sink. Then, she reached into her wounds with the scissors and removed the bullets. The pain numbed her, as soon as she was done with showering. She took out the paper containing the word, and typed the part of the code onto the screen of her card. She was only one word away from her freedom. Ms. Green sat on the bed and lost her consciousness.