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For my season stories, I wanted to begin with my favorite one. Summer is the liveliest season. There is no doubt about it. The air is hot and the ground is burning. The sky is of clear blue, with puffy, white clouds scattered all over it. The days seem endless and everything is possible. The sun follows me around, and I feel like I can go anywhere I want and do anything.

Sunsets in summer fascinate me the most. They are quiet and slow, they are long enough for me to absorb them into my mind and my skin. Under the rays of the falling sun I feel the warmth that immediately cheers me up. No matter how hard my day was, I could relax just by looking at the twilight. The colors on the sky canvas keep changing. Fire of orange darkens as the sun sets and it turns into blood red with a frame of yellow at the edges.

As a child, I would go to the fields outside town, and watch as the golden threads fell over green meadows. The hills would reflect the fading sunlight into my eyes, and my heart was full of sudden serenity. That hour before dinner was mine. It was just between me and my surroundings, the sun, the fields and the sky. Occasionally, an owl would fly over my head and disappear into the blazing west.

Yet, nothing causes more thrills in my heart than experiencing summer dusk by the sea. I was not born by the sea, but I have always been drawn to it. The salty surface reflects the dying light, as the sun slips behind the horizon. The yellow sun explodes on the clouds above it, and sinks into the water. The whispering of the waves soothes me as I watch where the sea and the sky blend into one distant, blue line. Sea foam hits the sand and my feet feel all the wet coldness of it.

There are no regrets when I have this sight in front of me. The stars appear behind me in the east, as I still gaze into the shimmering dance of the light in the west. Sitting on the shore, I can imagine myself sailing into that wonderful landscape. It looks like I could enter that scene and that I could live there forever, rising and setting with the sun many times again.  There is no pain, or sadness in the flames of the dusk. It is the sum of all the peaceful, silent moments. Summer sunsets saved me many times. Whenever anger grew inside me, I would wait for the evening show of nature. It helped me concentrate, it cured me from all the sorrow and hatred that I struggled with.

When difficult times come, I hold the images of summer dusk in my thoughts, to be the beacons in my darkest moments. They are my constant memories, and they are always happy. After I am done with the workings of the world around me, I will search for a sandy shore that moves into the open sea. And when I find it, I will be there, in summer, watching the sunsets without a single worry on my mind.