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A young man was walking by the lake with his girlfriend. They had just arrived at the beach filled with small rocks and sat there, near the water. The young man was drinking his soda, and when he finished it, he nonchalantly threw the empty can into the lake.

“What are you doing?” his girlfriend protested when the can hit the surface and slowly sank as it was filling up with water.

“The garbage bin is too far. It’s not going to hurt anyone, and the beach guards will take it out in the evening anyway,” the young man said. He smiled at her and hoped that it would make her forget about his recklessness. She shook her head and opened a bag of potato chips.

“Here, take the card out and read your fortune,” she said and her boyfriend took a small piece of paper out of the bag and looked at it. It was a potato chips with a cleverly written card inside, that was supposed to tell someone’s fortune, or give someone a nice motivational message.

“You are the one who will make a full circle,” he read the message on the card out loud.

“What does that mean?” she asked.

“It’s a mysterious insight into my future,” he replied in a fake serious voice. She chuckled.

“Be careful in the next few days,” she said. They sat there for a few more minutes, and then they left.

The soda can that the young man threw into water finally hit the bottom. It was afternoon, and the sun was bright and golden. Sunrays reached the depths of the lake and reflected on the soda can. The can was shinning in the muddy water, which attracted the attention of a fish that was swimming by. It was a bream fish, and it was hungry. It dived towards the shimmers of light and tried to take a bite at its source. But, while doing that, the bream cut its mouth on the sharp opening on the can and started bleeding heavily. After a minute, the bream was dead. Its blood was rising to the surface of the lake along with its motionless body.

Later that day, a hawk hiding in the trees around the lake noticed that a fish had surfaced and that it could be easily snatched. With one swift push of his wings, the hawk was cutting through the air like a spear towards the floating, dead fish in the water. Soon, the hawk was back in the tree crowns, ripping the flesh of the bream it caught. The hawk was eating fast, but it did not realize that the bream had already started rotting from the exposure to the heat outside and the toxins from the metal of the soda can. It was gradually taking over the hawk, and the bird felt sick. It flew away from the lake, to the south to the nearby town.

There, it saw a barn, built behind a house in one of the outer streets. Exhausted, the hawk fell on the stacks of hay and straw. Its vision was blurry, and it let out a sad cry. Whatever was destroying the hawk, it worked fast. Suddenly, two yellow eyes found interest in the hawk. A house cat was sitting on a higher stack and watched as the bird drew its last breath. The cat jumped on the haw and plunged its teeth into the bird’s neck, just to make sure that it was dead. The feathers covered the cat, as it feasted on the unexpected treat.

Of course, the same sickness affected the cat. The next morning, the cat started behaving strangely. It hid in the dark corners of the barn and hissed at people and other animals. The house dog came across the cat, and began barking loudly at it. The cat was obviously irritated, so it kept reaching for the dog to scratch it with its claws. But, the dog did not give up. It growled and barked louder, and then attacked the cat. The cat defended itself, hitting the dog several times on the head. Round and thick, drops of blood slipped down the dog’s forehead. But, before the cat could inflict any more damage, the dog pushed the cat against the wall behind it and snapped the cat’s spine with its jaw. Needless to say, not much time had passed until the dog started acting violently like the cat did.

The dog escaped from the house with the barn and lived loose on the streets. It took more than few days for the infection to spread through its system. The dog wandered through the alleys, lost, angry and alone. One evening, a young man and his girlfriend were walking by a field near their house. The night was warm. The blades of grass growing in the foiled were rocking back and forth under the waves of a tender breeze.

“What do you think, how many stars are there in the sky right now?” the young man asked and looked up.

“My guess is, a lot. Though I can’t remember the exact number, I think I read something about it in the newspapers,” the young woman replied.

“Their glow is hypnotizing,” he said.

“It’s incredible, I know. I wanted to buy a telescope when I was younger, but then I realized that I actually like watching the stars like this,” she said. They both sighed. Then, out of the bushes, the sick dog jumped at the young man and bit his face and his arms. The woman screamed and kicked the dog off of her boyfriend. Several people saw the trouble and ran to the scene to stop the dog that kept attacking. Others threw rocks at the dog till it finally ran away. Then, they helped the young woman to get her boyfriend to the hospital. His condition was bad and he had deep wounds all over his body. A police officer visited the young woman and informed her that the dog was killed a few hours earlier. She spent the entire night next to her boyfriend. The doctors could not do much. His blood was poisoned, as his cries of agony echoed through the corridors of the hospital. Just before he died, he pulled a small card out of the pocket on his jeans. He closed his fist around it, as tightly as he could. The young man looked at his girlfriend who was sleeping in a chair next to his bed. Her face was red from tears. In his fist, under his fingers and his palm, he felt the potato chips crumbs and then he died.