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They can never understand. Have you ever been different? Have you ever been a green in a room full of reds? There are those moments when you live your life and you like it, it feels right, but then you go into the world and realize that everyone else functions on another setting.

You are a stranger. No matter what your qualities are, you are defined according to the way you stand out from the rest. The isolation comes as a result of your default not being the same as the default of the others. The world becomes a place where you are wrong and everyone else is right. The boundaries are closing on you. They are the limits of what you are allowed to do and where you are allowed to go. And slowly, you get tired of others despising your colours. You do not want to be an outsider anymore.

So, you put on a grey raincoat and immediately you look like one of them. They congratulate you on how you finally admitted that you are like everyone else, that your phase of attracting attention by being unusual is over. They accept you, and for a while, you are happy. But, when you go home, and you take off your raincoat, all that you are shines through again. Then you remember how much you like your natural look. Fitting in becomes more difficult as the time goes by. Pretending is a shadow that follows you around. You are torn apart between their expectations and the image of your true self. Should you go on with the hiding? It would definitely make your outside life easier. Still, how long would you be able to put up with that? The game that you play is taking too much from you, and gives little in return.

Cracks start to appear in your facade. The world will not change for you. You are unwilling to continue to suppress yourself for the world. What is your next move? Whatever you do, it is going to be brave. When you look at yourself in the mirror, always be honest with that person that you see. They can never grasp how it is to live in your skin. Do not explain it.