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He was glad that it was going to be over soon. Joss was in his final university days, and the world was just waiting to see what he had to offer. When he was younger, he often imagined how it would feel to be an adult. He would carry his briefcase, dressed in a business suit, and he would always talk on the phone, just like his parents did. And, he would not care about anything else than his work. That is because his work would be something really important. People would admire him and respect him, and Joss would be industrious, but kind to his employers.

Obviously, Joss was not the kind of child who fantasised about becoming someone with adventurous, unusual life. He was always grounded in reality. Joss never thought that the world was a particularly fascinating place. In fact, he found it very predictable. Yet, he did not have a clear idea what he was going to do after university. That frightened him a bit. For someone who thought that he figured out all there is to the world, Joss was failed by the one variable in the equation that was the least suspected, himself.

The next day, Joss sent all the papers that were necessary, and released a sigh of relief. If he had to return his student loan, he would be in trouble. Joss had no job yet, and so he did not have enough money to pay the loan back. Also, he was going to leave the dorm at the end of the term, which meant additional expenses for a rented apartment if he found a job in the city. His parents were pulling back their funding, so Joss soon had to stand on his own. He was not upset about it, though. Parents’ decision was understandable, and Joss knew that they would jump in if he really had a hard time. But, paying back the loan would be a great weight on all of their shoulders.

Since Joss had to refill his refrigerator and make something for lunch, he went to the nearby supermarket to buy some food. He made a list in his mind that consisted of some meat, vegetables, sour cream, and maybe a few snacks. As he slowly roamed through the shelves, Joss heard a husband and a wife arguing over how long it took her to decide between two brands of shampoo.

“Usually, I use this one, but I would like to try another,” the wife said, holding two shampoo bottles in her hands.

“Just take whichever, and let’s go before I buy something that I don’t need,” the husband replied. Joss smirked as he passed by them, proceeding to the section with dairy products. Whenever he was around such people, Joss was proud of himself. He made many mistakes in his life, he was a rebel, and he was an outsider. But, Joss was never a consumer, he was just a buyer. That was just another one of his features that made him feel alone sometimes.