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The number of impressions has reached the number of my years, the number of my levels in this game of life. What have I learned so far? Sometimes it seems that I have improved myself, other times I am repeating the same mistakes I have made before and I show no sign of breaking free from them. There were laughs, and there were tears. Time and I do not really get along, because it took so much from me. If you are wondering, I do not have all the answers to all the questions I have asked. So, I dropped those questions.

If I despise something, that is prescription. Do this, say that, go there, I cannot tell you that. In return, I do not like to be told what to do. Whenever someone does that, I feel an immediate itch under my skin, as if my personality gets a rash. Call me immature for that. And I am immature, in many ways. The meaning of life completely escapes me, unless it is indeed that one particular number.

But, I will attempt to make a point. What is that I know so far? Try to enjoy the time you have, and try to make it enjoyable for others. That is it, the great revelation. It is so simple it hurts. Of course, I do not want to give you rules for living your life, this is more of a suggestion. Now this might surprise you, but you do not have to step on others to get to the top. You do not have to break the wheels of others to make it for yourself. How is that? Why? Because this is not a competition, and the end of the line does not favour any of us.