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The frost is thawing in the background, as the grass shakes off the remains of the snow. Landscapes are turning greener, and the friskiness in the air is slowly fading away. At first, winds are still strong, the lift your coat and make your face numb with cold. But, as time passes and the sun shows its face again, you start feeling the energy returning to you. Streams break out of their icy prisons and run like the veins through the mountain valleys. Violets and hyacinths burst into blossom by the dirty country roads. Dew drops fall down like sweat from leaves of daisies.

Life seems to be coming back. Now, I know it sounds pompous and repetitive, but it is true. The slumber of nature is over. The cherry tree in the garden puts on the decorations. Plush, tender petals sway in the breeze on its branches. The fruits only begin to form beneath them. They hide there, until they are ready to be presented in their dark red lushness. It is a new season, and everyone gets a new opportunity. We can make better choices and we can do better work.

Spring is revitalizing, or so it seems to be. Perhaps it is just setting traps for us. Colours are poured all over the sky, trees and fields, and the environment gives out an impression that suddenly, everything is possible. Still, that sensation of invincibility is the most dangerous trick of spring.

All of the past decisions and actions are not simply deleted because a fresh year started. The warmth on your skin is a deception. There will not always be sunny days in spring. Rains will wash the streets, and shivers will creep under your sweater. Spring is unpredictable. It plays childish games. Spring is a teenager, moody and indecisive. Walk carefully with spring. Its temper is both a charming and a terrible one.