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Swans have appeared. They were snowflakes against the blue surface of the lake. They were rocking on the waves, as the breeze touched upon their feathers. The dam stood as a fortress, as they were floating towards it. It was getting colder. The sun was setting. Soon, there was nothing but a bright lining on top of hills and the woods surrounding the lake. Everything was silent, except for the water, which murmured softly as it hit the stone steps on the dam.

In the past, swans did not visit this lake very often. It is more likely that one would see water rats. They multiplied in muddy patches of shallow waters, where trunks of trees rotted. If people would dare to swim in the lake during summer, they would have an unpleasant experience of water rats brush against their legs. However, swans were not as common. Their elegant bodies sliced through the water delicately, protruding their long, gentle necks. Few of them flapped their wings to reach the steps of the dam.

As they stepped outside to clean themselves, it was noticeable that they looked a bit different than before. The wonder of their striking curvy lines was still there, but the entire image was a bit spoiled by their dark, wide feet. They waddled around, clumsily trying to keep their balance. They were confused and insecure. It seemed as if a part of their charm was gone. But, perhaps observes assigned that charm to swans based on just one aspect of their nature. Is a swan a lesser one when it is on dry land? Swans have always been the way they are.

People projected their own opinions of what swans should be. The expectations were created. Then, the reality did not match the expectations. But, swans were not to blame. They were the same since the beginning. And they were magnificent today, whether they were on dry land or not. Slowly, they returned to the lake to feel the water one more time before the dark covers all. The day was closing, the path leading through the woods and back to the main road was calling. The swans were left to their graciousness, unconcerned with what others might assume they were.