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So, I recently found out about Weekend Writing Warriors, a site where you weekly share parts of your writing. Every Saturday on Sunday you can share 8 to 10 sentences of your work. What I am sharing now is the opening of my new short story Bits of Moments, that I will soon post on my blog. This post is available for you to see what this is all about and how to present your own work. Here are the first 9 sentences of Bits of Moments and I hope you enjoy it.

Bits of Moments


After packing everything he could think of, he looked through the window to remember the sight of building rooftops and streets below. The suitcase was ready. He checked if all the devices and lights were turned off and then left the apartment. Having locked the door, he dragged his suitcase into the street. He passed by a shopping centre, careful not to run into people. The wheels of his suitcase scratched the surface of the pavement, creating unpleasant sound of plastic clashing against concrete. He looked at his watch, and then at his ticket. There was a half an hour left. It was enough for him to get to the station without much hurry.

The rest of the short story will be coming soon.