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This continues my second contribution to Weekend Writing Warriors, where every Saturday on Sunday you can share 8 to 10 sentences of your work for everyone to see it. It is definitely fun. This time, I am again sharing a piece from my short story Bits of Moments, but this time it is from the second part of it. Both parts will be available on my blog. Here are another 9 sentences from Bits of Moments, from its second part to be precise.

Bits of Moments


His seat was lightly shaking as the bus streamed down the highway. He woke up, with his face on the window and his mouth opened a bit. There was that dream again. The one he had so many times before. It was a happy dream, the one he enjoyed the most. The problem arose when he would realize that he was dreaming. The dream was always good. It kept sending him to a place that he wished was true, but that place was no more. His present, his reality was different now.

The full short story will be coming soon.