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After packing everything he could think of, he looked through the window to remember the sight of building rooftops and streets below. The suitcase was ready. He checked if all the devices and lights were turned off and then left the apartment. Having locked the door, he dragged his suitcase into the street. He passed by a shopping centre, careful not to run into people. The wheels of his suitcase scratched the surface of the pavement, creating unpleasant sound of plastic clashing against concrete. He looked at his watch, and then at his ticket. There was a half an hour left. It was enough for him to get to the station without much hurry.

As he walked on, he saw an interesting looking girl coming towards him. Her choice of clothes and hair colour was peculiar, but it fit her well. It helped her stand out from the crowd. She noticed him, too. Unlike her, he was not wearing anything special, but his appearance was enough to attract the attention of many. He was fully aware of himself, and rightfully so. He was a good-looking man. The girl was approaching, and she could not help but smile when she looked at him closely.

“Hello,” the girl said.

“Hello,” he replied automatically. Then, she stormed next to him, giggling. Corlin was confused. He did not comprehend what had just happen. Maybe she only wanted to hear the sound of his voice, but she was too shy to actually talk to him. In all honesty, he could not care less about her. He only had the trip on his mind. He did not know whether to be happy about it or depressed. Even before, when he went on a trip, Corlin would start missing home after a couple of days. It was always a torment between his need to get away for a while and his yearning for the familiar streets, coffee shops, and bakeries. This time would be different though. He was going to be absent for quite a while. The first part of his trip was supposed to be a vacation, but then he was going to stay abroad to work. He had already found a position, and he was accepted into a very good company. Still, he knew he did not belong there, and he wanted his term in the company to end before it even started. Corln was aware what he was doing was right. He had no other option. It saddened him, but he had to admit that there was no point in staying. As much as he adored where he lived, it was turning into less of a pace where he could have a happy future and more of a void of endless struggle for bare survival.

The bus station was, as usual, full of people going in and out of the ticket service dome. Corlin checked in his ticket and went to the platform where the bus he needed had just arrived. Having put his suitcase into the trunk, he boarded the bus and found his seat. It was near the front, and next to the window, just the way he liked it. Then, another bus arrived at the platform next to the one in which Corlin was. He turned to look at it, and saw a young man sitting next to the window, much like he was. At first, Corlin was confused. But he could not take his eyes off of this stranger. Rarely has anyone managed to draw his attention like that. He was suddenly completely consumed by gazing at the young man. He did not look very happy. And Corlin wanted to know why. In fact, Corlin wanted to know everything about him.

He was probably a student. He could not have been older than twenty five, but he gave out a vibe of an old soul. He was wearing a green, washed out jacket, and his hair was a bit messy. His expression was grim. His eyes were grey and watery, as he was about to burst into tears at any point. He obviously had not shaved for a couple of days. Still, there were nice, gentle features hidden under the layers of his mildly unkempt appearance . And within seconds, Corlin became absolutely fascinated by him. Corlin saw how his chest rose and then went down, as he released a long sigh. The young man turned and noticed Corlin. He seemed kind of surprised, but his face soon brightened up and he smiled. Then he got up, picked up his bag and went out of the bus. His walk was clumsy and slow. Corlin jumped at the window to watch him leave the bus station. Suddenly, Corlin had the urge to run after him. If only he had met him somewhere else. If it only had been a different time. The young man disappeared from his sight. Corlin had so much to tell him. He would teach him so much. He wanted to ask him so many questions. Who was he? Where did he come from? Where was he going? But, all of his thoughts were now in vain. He was never going to see him again. There was so point in getting excited about that accidental meeting.

The bus engine grunted and the vehicle moved away from the platform. The station gate was lifted. A long road was ahead. He pressed his lips tightly at the thought of how everything would be changed after he returned. So, tried to take as much as he could with him, all the concrete constructions, all the green tree crowns and parks, and all the faces.