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For the third time, I am entering Weekend Writing Warriors, where every Saturday on Sunday you can share 8 to 10 sentences of your work and show it to everyone else. This time, I am again giving you a piece of Part 2, Chapter 1 of my novel The Chronicles, and the chapter will soon be posted on the blog. I hope you enjoy these 9 sentences that I have chosen.

The girl from Crete suspected nothing. She enjoyed her staying at her brother’s house, played with his children, went to the market with his wife, or walked down the streets of the city. Sometimes, she helped Georgios in his shop, because their father taught them both the art of making swords, shields and armours. She loved the fire and the furnace, the sparks flying out of the steel and iron plates dipped in flames, the heat on her skin. Georgios envied her, because she proved to be a true artist with the hammer and the anvil, and whereas he was only a blacksmith, she possessed the skill of a whitesmith as well. She was the best when it came to more detailed work, so he often had to suppress his pride and call her to the forge. But, no matter how much she was good at it, their father left the business to Georgios, so she could only act as his assistant. She did not mind, though. Philomela cherished every opportunity to work with her brother and produce some of the finest pieces of weaponry. 

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