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The whole deal is that on Sunday it was my birthday, and I have turned a quarter of a century, as everyone likes to remind me. Then, yesterday was a bit depressing for me, and the rain and the cold only made it worse. But, in the evening, my friends and I went to see a certain movie, which is amazing by the way, to celebrate my birthday and there was a surprise waiting for me.



Some would say that is not much, but for me it is a lot. It is enough to show me that they care about what I like. A paperclip can be the dearest of all presents if it is meaningful. And this is no paperclip. Mine are the best of nerds, friends, and just awesome individuals. So, celebrate the uplifting moments and people around you, there can never be too much of good memories. Last night, Poe and Finn joined the team, and their arrival was approved by no other than Luigi Mario himself, of course. As it should be.