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Once again, after quite a break, I am taking part in Weekend Writing Warriors event, which is an amazing way for your stories to be let into the world. There, you can share between 8 and 10 sentences of your work, every Saturday and Sunday.

This weekend, I am presenting a piece of writing that I still have not finished. It is supposed to be a story about love that slowly fades away. Hopefully, I will finish it soon and then post it.

 “Could you pass me the snacks?” Last time you were distant, but maybe I should try better and again.

“Sure, here it is. Do you want some juice?” Don’t be like that, that won’t fix anything. Sure, I want you, but we’ve lost it somewhere.

“Thank you, I’m fine,”  This is the end, the words and looks don’t flow between us anymore, do they?

“Alright,” The conversations are getting shorter it seems.

For now, this was a part of it, and you can also read other posts on my blog if you are interested.