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This first weekend in October was warm and sunny, such as the last breath of summer should be. The weather quickly changed in the evening, with the rain and wind at first being stormy and hot and then turning persistent and cold. It was obviously a time of a change, the one I would unlikely appreciate. Because, I do not like autumn, and I do not like winter. Summer is my season and my freedom. However, I can enjoy everything around me becoming less green and more yellow, red, and then grey. The reflection of moonlight in the clear snow that has just touched the ground gives a special flavor to night walks.

With all of it around me, I was reminded that these shifts and movements always come. The forms are different, but the essence stays the same. Change is necessary and when it occurs, the best is to see how one can adjust to it. Sometimes, those transformations are gradual and they lead to an obvious and definite outcome. This is what I think happened in the case of a project that was planned for a while, but only now became actually realized.

My friends and I have just started a blog together, mainly a writing blog, however, it is not limited to that, since it will also include visual and perhaps even musical concepts, if we feel like posting that. Of course, individual blogs of us who have those will remain available. The joint blog is designed as an aggregate of our ideas in all forms and a platform for our creativity to express itself in the best way possible. So, I would ask you to support Nameless LitLings, and give us a chance to prove worthy of your attention. Also, it would be nice if you would go and visit namelessangelique, blog of one of the contributors of Nameless LitLings and a friend of mine who is just starting to post stories and poems and would appreciate your encouragement. Thank you for reading my Where the Writer Is blog, and I assure you that you will enjoy Nameless LitLings just the same, if not more.