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For the second literary workshop, there was a text that we, the attendees, needed to read and have a discussion about it later. Unfortunately, because I had to attend other events that day, I could not stay for the entire workshop this time. And, I did not participate in much of the discussion about the excerpts from the works we got to read between two meetings.

One was from Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and the other one was from Milorad Pavić’s Glass Snail. They are very distinctive pieces of writing and two different styles of writing, so I encourage you to read both, whenever you can.

Although I have to admit I was skeptical before I started attending this literary workshop, now I have come to realize how good of an effect it will have on me as a writer and a person. It puts me out of my comfort zone by making me read in front of others, by putting me in a situation where I have to discuss my work in front of people, and it feels liberating, I have to say.

It seems that the theme of this weekend workshop was various styles in writing. And I have to say that I’ve learned so much about other people and myself as a writer in just six hours I spent there in total. Truly, I have not realized how amazing it can be to surround yourself with people who want to share a part of themselves with you through words and then together, you try to find a bit of sense and meaning in this confusing world around us. Really, I wonder why it took me this much.