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The last literary workshop was on Saturday, and the project was closed with a presentation, a documentary, and some more writing exercises. One of the administrators of the workshop held a presentation on conceptual art, which was then followed by a documentary with a similar topic. After that, for the end of the meeting, we had two exercises. The first one was based on sending each other the last text message and then incorporating it into our writing, and creating a story around it.

“It’s a bad time, cousin and bad are people in it.  I didn’t know how to tell you this, but don’t come back.”

“How can I not come back? All of you who are mine are there. I left so I could come back. Wasn’t that the point?”

“If you have already got an opportunity, stay where you are. That doesn’t mean that you don’t love us, or that we don’t love you.  The circumstances are grim, you know that there is some wind blowing.”

“I understand, but it is your own fault. If you had closed doors and windows, there wouldn’t be any draught.” 

For the second exercise, we got pages from newspapers and had to underline sentences we found interesting and then connect them into a piece of writing. We could add our own sentences and rearrange the ones we chose, but I felt that it would be more powerful to leave them the way they were and in a sequence in which I underlined them.

From Politika newspaper

The Constitution prescribes that the judge of the Constitutional Court is chosen among eminent jurists with at least 40 years of experience in legal practice. In case the work of the Constitutional Court is blocked, it would not be the first time. About ten representatives of MIA were on duty with a jeep at Fedex, at the 7th kilometer from Ljig, exactly at the entrance for the new highway. Important: the map is only an illustration. When she asked the many gynecologists in the audience what they thought how the mothers had answered the question whether there is corruption in maternity hospitals, in the Startit Centre hall where the results were presented, the doctors were silent.

Although this was the last workshop, I did learn about different styles, I explored my own, and I met amazing people with great stories to tell and they introduced me to their interests. It was quite a remarkable experience.