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With the DCEU broadening and getting more movies released, I started thinking about what it would be interesting for me to see. It was a very speculative, self-important thought, but I can’t say there was something better to ponder over after a busy day at work. So, let there be a Batwoman movie.



After Wonder Woman and Justice League premiere, and with Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad already a part of this universe, maybe we will need a break from the world-saving, everything is going to be destroyed type of stories. You know what, not maybe. We will definitely need a break from it. Batwoman would be a good introduction of a street level comic book movie, and a good introduction to the Bat Family. Kate Kane is not a part of Bat Family, but she does operate with them occasionally, and she could be introduced as a possible threat to Gotham, but later is actually recognized as a true heroine. How would that actually work? Stay tuned for the next number of lines. As a disclosure, I would like to say that this is just for fun, and that I am no expert in writing scripts or movies, but, I just felt like doing this. Here we go.

The story can start with Kate Kane already out of the army and out of her relationship with Renee Montoya. In fact, why not open the movie in an alley, with Kate trying to apologise to Renee over the phone and then getting attacked by a mugger. She beats up the mugger, Batman arrives to fight off any possible companion criminals that the mugger might have and he expresses how impressed he is with her fighting abilities. She says that the years in the army do that to a person, and there we are, a glimpse of a backstory in a single line. Batman leaves the scene, with Kate watching him and realizing that she found something resembling a direction in her life. Batman inspires her to become Batwoman and dedicate her life to helping and watching out for people who do not have the training or capacity to do it themselves.

When she comes to her apartment, probably in the early morning hours, she finds her father there, telling her how she’s worried about her and Kate in return tells him about her idea, which he reluctantly agrees with, thinking that it would help her resolve some issues, but that she would eventually quit it. Her father, being a military man, provides her with equipment, and for the first time, Kate is taking care of some minor criminals and establishing herself as Batwoman. She eventually catches the trail of the man responsible for the death of her mother and sister who arrived to Gotham, and so does Batman. Batman warns Kate that it would be a bit too much to take on such a dangerous man, but she persists. Nightwing, Batgirl, and Jason Todd Robin are sent by Batman to work on the case, and also to follow Batwoman and make sure that she does not get into too much trouble.

While she’s working on the case, Kate is also trying to reconcile with Renee, and while the two sort of get back together, Kate is still struggling with her chaotic lifestyle. Renee, being a police officer, has to investigate Batwoman and the new criminal. Kate admits to her that she is Batwoman, but Renee refuses to help her get to the man who killed her mother and sister.  So, without any support from Renee, or Bat Family and Batman, Kate goes to the Joker as an act of desperation. She asks him to find this new criminal who is taking over some of the Joker’s business for her, and in return she will remove him from the equation. The Joker agrees, sensing that he might get to Batman as well, or at least some of the Bat Family through Batwoman, certainly planning to dispose of her once she gets the work done. The movie culminates at the Gotham docks, where so many of great Batman: The Animated Series episodes took place. Batman is going after the Joker, perhaps in a scene we see in the Suicide Squad. Batwoman and the Bat Family are going against the rest of the Joker’s thugs and new thugs, with the police coming towards the end, Eventually, Batwoman and the man she’s after are going against each other, and after a fight, she claims his life, perhaps in an unrestrained self-defence. After all the events, Kate fully dedicates to being a responsible Batwoman, not letting her anger and angst take over. Renee and her admit that they are not ready for a mutual relationship, and though Batman is reluctant, Batwoman is recognized as an associate of the Bat Family.

Why Batwoman? It’s a good opportunity to have a DC R rated movie, because of all the themes the story deals with and because the rating allows more maneuver space. Also, she could be DC’s Iron Man character, someone who is mostly unknown to the general audience, so there wouldn’t be much expectations. She could be developed in different ways and shaped and established as any of the character’s variations. In addition, her appearance is very Gothic, and that is what Gotham story needs. Kate Kane is not disciplined as Batman, but she has a will and heart to improve and progress. Furthermore, it would be a good way to introduce the Bat Family, without going through everyone’s origins individually, because we’ve been familiar with the characters from the Bat Family, so there is no need to explain everything about them again. It is Batwoman that is the focus and that we are going to learn about. Finally, it would be refreshing to see a street-level comic book story, with enough material to expand on it, but still self-contained to be good on its own.

There it is, my ideas when I have nothing better else to do.

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