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This weekend, I am taking part in Weekend Writing Warriors event, which is an amazing way for your stories to be let into the world. There, you can share between 8 and 10 sentences of your work, every Saturday and Sunday.

If office jobs are good for anything it is that they can be a fountain of inspiration for aspiring writers. Perhaps it comes from apathy of the same motions every day oozing from the walls, or people who find sending reports to be the task that keeps the world together. This is especially evident during the slowest hours, when nothing is actually happening and one has an unfortunate opportunity to face with all the life choices made thus far. Then, one starts to observe the circumstances and personalities around and plots a way those could be actually useful to one’s future. And so, words fall in line, pages write on their own, and eventually the story is formed in its full glory.

It was a lovely dry, but cold Monday morning in November, a beginning that all great adventures should have. One half of the building, the one with residents, was still asleep, while the other one, with the offices, was waking up and stretching, washing its face and turning the lights on. Quiet voices were heard in the hallways and offices. Steam was rising in the kitchen from the coffee and tea cups. She arrived about five minutes before the start of office hours, which was probably the earliest she could be at work. She greeted her co-workers and turned on her computer.

This is an excerpt of 10 sentences from a story I have recently started writing inspired, as you can assume, by the greatness of my current workplace. At the moment, I am planning it to be a shorter novel, or maybe even a longer short story, I haven’t decided yet. Regardless, here is a part of it and I hope you enjoy it, along with other content on my blog.