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Recently, I read a book a friend of mine recommended, a friend you can find at namelessangelique. Actually, I bought him that book for his birthday, since he is a literature graduate himself, in English literature to be precise. He then lent it to me, saying I should read it, too. So, the book has already experienced a marvelous journey between the two of us, and it promised me the same. So, when I read it I realized that it was something I should give attention to and write about here.
You should really read La vita meravigliosa dei laureati in lettere. The title in English would be Marvelous Life of Literature Graduates, as translated by yours truly. However, I have to admit, even though I searched for it, I could not find its title in English. The author is Alessandro Carrera, and it is written in a form of a short novel, covering events which take place during one week approximately, give or take a few days. And this is my favourite type of stories. As much as I am a good Slytherin and I completely immerse myself in grandiose importance of events in Harry Potter or follow the quest and great journey in The Lord of the Rings, tempests in teacups are what I probably find the most enjoyable in literature, cinema, and art in general.
The unexpected excitement and marvelous adventures of everyday lives is what immediately draws me in. and this book is definitely one of those. When the plot starts, there is no indication to what kind of turns it will take, what it will amount to, and how charming in its absurdity and confusion it will become. And this is coming from someone who resents comedy of confusion. Maybe that is why this novel works, or why it works for me. It is a comedy of confusion in its basics, but then it takes it to such extreme levels, almost even parodying the genre that as a reader, I simply had to give in to the flow of the story and enjoy the fun ride that it is.
This book will make you smile and even make you think if you would like to experience something similar. The protagonists are all people with with ordinary lives who get a chance to turn into heroes and they use it. They do what they have to and what they think would be the best at the moment, they are just trying to find a place in this world that is often frightening and convoluted. In the end, they surprise themselves of what they are able to do. Life of literature graduates can be complicated sometimes, but this book will show you how great it can be as well. As a matter of fact, it will show you how your life can be glorious and interesting, although you might not think so at first. Reading this, I kept thinking about how my friend feels, since we both went to the same English Language and Literature Department at the University, but we took different classes, so he was in the literature programme, while I was in linguistics one. We had some general courses together, but what he attended was different than what I attended. It would be a pity that everything he learned in his literature courses went to waste, just so he can fit in the market that is the world we are living in today. Those literature graduates, they are a spark of dreams and hopes and pure enthusiasm in an environment that apparently runs on candle light in regards to ideas and proper ambitions.
Honestly, I highly recommend this book. It will remind you of adventures that you probably had by yourself or with your friends, events that might have appeared common, but in fact were impactful and amazing. It made me think about the first time I saw this book on a shelf at a bookstore and thought of my literature graduate friend. A random moment, however, it led to a great experience. There is a special feeling of warmth and pride when I discover books such as this one. And this book definitely deserves to be discovered.