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For this particular Impressions number, I wanted to include something special, something witty. But, I was unable to think of anything funny or anything juicy to include because of the impression Logan left on me. Go see Logan. It doesn’t matter if you like comic book movies or not. It doesn’t matter if you are familiar with the storyline from the comics this movie was based on or not. This movie is intense. For me, it filled a void that was missing in these comic book movies. We have entertaining ones and gritty ones, and with Deadpool, we got the entertaining violent one. Logan offers you the gritty, the violent, and the emotional. It was a perfect send off to versions of the characters everyone was attached to and an excellent introduction for the new ones who, without a doubt, would show us how great they can be. This film will make you cry, laugh, and feel everything in between. Logan deserved to be made. And  I am glad that I have seen it.