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Weekend Writing Warriors is an amazing platform where every Saturday on Sunday you can share with others 8 to 10 sentences of your work. It is a great opportunity to reach new readers. And, of course, I hope that you will find this excerpt interesting.

This weekend, I am entering with 10 sentences from Plain Is Pain. It is a short story and an essay I am writing about growing up in a plain. It’s sometimes difficult to explain it to people, so I tried to let written thoughts speak about it. Once completed, I will post the story on my blog. It is primarily a blog for writing, but I tend to post any form that might inspire me. Enjoy staying here.

If melancholy was a place, it would be a plain. It is long and wide. The vastness, where blue from the sky melts into green from the fields in one, thin line of the horizon is overwhelming, consuming.

Everything appears distant. If you spend enough time in it, a wasteland will start spreading on the inside, pushing out all pleasant sensations to occupy more space for itself. It will become a shirt for you to wear everywhere you go. You will not notice it at first, but the invisible cloth will pressure you and you will wonder why you want to cry when a cheerful song plays and why your dreams are always strange or frightening, but never happy.

If you take a road cutting through the plain your feet will hurt. You will feel pointlessly free, as all around would strike you as endless. The plain is loneliness hiding in the croplands, the grass, and the soil.