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            So, I saw Wonder Woman. And it was wonderful. If I had to describe it with something relatable or compare it to something else, I would say that this movie was a full, perfect, menu meal. You get the soup, steak, side dish, salad, and a lovely dessert. While I was watching it, I was reminiscing something I have wanted to share ever since it happened. It was such a little, endearing moment to me, which when I thought about it, was both great and a bit bitter. Why great? Because it made me feel great. So, then why bitter? Because of how simple it was, and how some wouldn’t even consider it as something good. However, I think it was one of the best compliments I have ever received. This guy from a computer store praised my nerdy knowledge of comic books, Star Wars, and movies. He delightfully said that not a lot of women know so much about those. It made me blush, as someone would if they were called good looking. Every time I think about it I chuckle. Calling someone attractive doesn’t suffice beyond a surface level. Telling someone you like their interests, that you share them as well, that’s how you get their attention.