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As I looked at the clock and realized midnight had just escaped and heat made the stars dim, questions I did not expect started stretching my thoughts thin. However, enough of me attempting to be a poet, these doubts kept growing and needed to be addressed. In true fashion of questions that appear only late at night, these were not related to the situation, not important for the task I had, and they continued to spring out just to torment me.

Considering that we get Lex Luthor Junior in Batman v Superman, does that mean there is still hope we get Lex Luthor Senior who will be the real deal? If there is Lex Luthor Senior to show up in these movies, can he be the cold, calculated businessman who always has a plan in development? If he is featured, can he pretend as if he is different from his son and seemingly try to mend the damage done by his son? Can he always be surrounded by other people in his scenes, so that we do not actually see what he is like when alone? Who even thought it would be a good idea to make a Han Solo film? Why can’t there be a Darth Bane movie? Who has the best chances of winning Wimbledon this year? Will we succeed in qualifying for the next football World Cup, given we have come so close? Is the sequel for Wonder Woman going to be good? Why do I even have this blog?

Why am I thinking of all of this instead of working on my master thesis and writing my research paper?