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Almost two years after I started this blog, I must say it has brought me great opportunity to relieve myself of any struggles I might have had on any basis. And I mean this with all of sincerity. There have been happy times and sad ones, but the space that I gave myself here was always ready to take any thoughts or feelings that I had at a particular moment. It was there to take me from some dark places to better ones. It started as a vent to exhaust the tension, but ultimately it became a corner with a shelf on which I could place my ideas, stories, attitudes, and impressions. It is also nice to see that it was welcomed by approval and even sometimes praise from others in this community.

Therefore, I have decided to make the next step. This is an announcement that I am planning on officially starting to swim in more specific waters than those generic ones. In the following weeks, I hope to get a custom domain name for Where the Writer Is. So, it is an important announcement because wings are taking a flight. It is, however, a mildly important announcement, as it concerns my own journey, and it does not really affect anyone else that much.

Nevertheless, I hope this will open new doors, for me, for Where the Writer Is, for you and your content, and for the rest. Write you and read you soon! Cheers!