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This time I want to write about my appreciation about a cartoon show that has been going strong for a while now. It’s Steven Universe. Currently, it’s in its 5th season and it’s only getting better. And I’m writing about it because it so good and I think it deserves a lot attention, everyone should watch it.

Sure, it’s a cartoon, and therefore it’s primarily aimed at younger audience, but it has a captivating essence that draws everyone who starts watching it, children, young adults, and adults. The show also gives the viewer some of the best concepts of the genres included.

On the surface, Steven Universe is a cartoon that revolves around a human child, Steven, and interstellar gem-based creatures, Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet. Together, they make a team and battle all those who try to put the planet in danger. Their adventures are colorful with plenty of action and emotion. And it’s the emotions part that makes this show so excellent.  Because, in its essence, it’s a story about relationships. Sometimes those are troublesome relationships, sometimes they are wonderful and warm. They can be friendly and they can be romantic, but it is always important how much the characters learn from them. It is a story about maturing, which is not pleasant and not easy all the time. That process of becoming more mature never ends, though. The protagonists are not perfect, which allows them to grow and develop each time we see them. What’s also curious is that there are no filler episodes in Steven Universe. Everything that happens on the show is there for a reason, even though it might not appear so at first sight.

Most importantly, Steven Universe can teach you so much, regardless of your age. The universe Rebecca Sugar and the Crewniverse have created provides you with issues that everyone of us has dealt with at some point in our lives. It is relatable, it suggests ways to resolve possible problems and helps us become a little bit more aware of ourselves and those around us. The episodes can sometimes get dark, even painful, especially whenever characters realize their perspectives do not necessarily match the real state. However, confronting both subjective and objective controversies adds another valuable experience to a person. Challenging perceptions given as truth, even when they are deeply personal and when the answer to questioning them might not be as pleasing as one expects, is part of continuous development.

Technically, this show also stands out for its vivid animation full of motion, which transitions well and smooth between scenes and provides full immersion into the incredible world of Steven Universe. The use of colours and speed is some of the best I’ve watched so far. But, what would Steven Universe be without its songs? They range from emphatic, subtle, tender, to ecstatic and exciting. Personal favourites? Here Comes a Thought  and It’s Over, Isn’t It, What Can I Do for You on any day, definitely.

Give a chance to Steven Universe if you haven’t already . It’s contagiously charming is it will give you perspectives on friendship, love, sexuality, loyalty, memory, and everything in between. With it, you will know which questions to ask as well as that not all of them have to be answered right away. Write you and read you soon.