Food for Writing – Literary Fiction


For writing literary fiction, I like to have something simple, yet powerful that will make me energetic and full. So, what feels best in situations like those is yogurt baked pasta cake. It’s simple to make, yet very satisfying. You might wonder why I didn’t give literary fiction something more wholesome or sophisticated perhaps. That’s because I truly think that literary fiction should be familiar, but at the same time, a bit heavy to digest until you get used to it, just like life this genre is supposed to depict. It’s simple to make, but accomplishes a lot once it’s ready to be served.

Don’t get me wrong, this is kind of a higher calorie count dish, as one that’s suppose to encompass everything you want from literature should be. It had just the right amount of light appearance to get you interested and texture to make you want more of it. On the other hand, it’s mild enough to let you be focused on your work and it won’t tease you with you any remarkable flavours to take too much of your attention. In addition to this, you’re going to get enough nutrition from it, so you can write almost all day. Pasta is there to make you fed, yogurt’s job is to refresh you for another new paragraph. This is my version of the dish in the quantity of a few sittings, depending on how hungry you are, and you can certainly adjust yours according to your own preferences and tastes.

The recipe for literary fiction yogurt baked pasta


150 grams of rigatoni, penne or fusilli pasta;

1 strained yogurt of 150 grams;

3 eggs.


Boil the pasta;

Once the pasta is done, put in a refractory glass baking tray;

Preheat the oven at 180o C, while you mix the rest of the ingredients;

Scramble the eggs and pour the strained yogurt in there, stirring slowly until everything is smoothly joined;

Evenly spread the egg & yogurt mix over the pasta, and put the full baking tray in the oven;

Bake at the aforementioned 180o C for about 20 minutes;

After the first 20 minutes, check on it if you want it to bake longer.


Use coloured pasta to get in touch with the multifaceted nature of life and bake for a while more to get that golden crisp crust for some extra existential hardiness.

Story by: where the writer is

Photo by: where the writer is

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