Food for Writing – Poetry


Although I don’t personally have so many ventures into this branch, at least not successful ones, poetry is an important part of literary nutrition. Whether you write it or read it, you need it. Poetry deserves a salad. It’s a dish that’s light as a breeze, bursting crunchy under your teeth as a sudden realization of mortality in the middle of a hot summer day by the pool, and healthy for your artistic palate as all the freshness it brings in a bowl. Poetry is all about letting the introspection to take over, so having a gentle, majorly vegetable dish will be great for inspiration.

The best part is that you don’t even have to spend too much time or funds on it. The dish, much like rhythm of words, comes together by itself, with your hands and mind acting like a mediator between the raw ingredients and the end product. Have fun and mix different flavours, which in return will help you to polish your style.

The recipe for poetry salad


1 onion;

1 bell pepper;

1 cucumber;

2 cubes of feta cheese;

Pinch of salt;

Half a cap of oil;

A substantial pinch of dried oregano.


Cut the onion, bell pepper, cucumber, and feta cheese cubes in whatever shape or size you like;

Add just a bit of salt, oil, and oregano to break the blandness of a bunch of vegetables and it’s ready to go.


Poetry is subjective, so keep in mind that this is a salad that I made according to what I like to eat. For example, I don’t like tomato, so I don’t put it in my dish. But, if you do, go ahead with it and go wild. Follow your intuition, and, as always, feed that inspiration properly.

Story by: where the writer is

Photo by: where the writer is

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