Food for Writing – Modern Fantasy


Writing modern fantasy requires a savoury preparation that has the same basis as high fantasy, but with its own twist and form. So, to make a modern fantasy dinner, you’ll need the same meat, but you’re going to prepare it in a different way. The end result might not be that unique, however, even for a brief moment, it’s going to be amazing for people’s senses.

Modern fantasy is basically fantasy in a contemporary setting. You still have magic, of course, but now it’s set against the backdrop of urban society. So, basically, your characters learn about extraordinary worlds and possibilities, and usually awaken their intrinsic abilities or are introduced to the ones they have to learn. However, they still have to go to ordinary school or get their monthly public transport fare, and so the protagonist has to balance the two realities out. Of course, they might be required to save the realms, which they can’t really do on an empty stomach.

The recipe for modern fantasy pork chop with onion


1 pork chop (with bone);

1 onion;

Lard (vegetable oil).


Heat the lard in the pan and add the pork chop, roast it until it gets tender creamy colour. Cut the onion in cubes and serve it in the plate next to the pork chop.


            While you may think this meal is too simple, in its first instalment, modern fantasy only scratches the surface of the universe it is presenting, so this is just to give you a taste of what’s to come. The onion is included to spice everything up and remind you that the danger can still be present and effective in your characters’ lives. If you want to go one step further, you can add some crushed red pepper over it, just to tease any future overarching main villains.

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Story by: where the writer is

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