Impressions 81


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I 81

No matter how the day eventually ends, appreciate when the morning is good. Especially when that morning starts with the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer and it turns out to be everything you hoped for.


Words, How Do They Work?


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In the light of some recent events, whenever a person, be it public figure or not, says “there is no discrimination against LGBT people but what do you mean legal equality in every way?” this is where my thoughts go immediately.

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Just Photos…?


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Since there are more ways to express oneself than just with words, I thought it would be interesting to have a page for photos I take every once in a while when I feel inspired by something. This content obviously did not really fit into other pages. So, I made one for my photos and here it is.

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?


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So, James Cameron commented on Wonder Woman movie. Director of the film, Patty Jenkins, responded. And I completely agree with her. The entire interview is here for you to read. Honestly, before I dive into this, I just have to say that I’m quite sick of 3.5 billion people out of 7 billion on this planet, a half that is, is considered to be ‘the other’. That’s just something I cannot and will not accept. For myself, I am the default. Continue reading

The Chronicles: Part 3 – Chapter 3


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Years have passed, centuries even. Morrigan had an annual custom to come and visit the old willow. There was no trace of Phileph’s body under it, as if she had never put the historian there. Only Morrigan, the grass and the creatures that lived in it knew about the corpse that had decayed there. The Basic kept a watch over the tree, making sure that no human ever came across the body, and disturbed Richard’s slumber by calling the authorities, other people, media representatives, and of those who made a living out of investigating others’ business.

Continue reading

The Chronicles: Part 3 – Chapter 2


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Jenny had dreams full of fears and nightmarish images. At one moment, she suddenly sat in her bed, looking at her room in the dark, but not recognizing it. She had an impression that she was in a long hallway. The place seemed familiar, but Jenny felt lost and frightened. She wanted out, she wanted to breathe fresh air, but the exit was nowhere to be seen. As if in a trance, she got out of the bed and started wandering the room, looking for a way out. But everything around her was covered with darkness. She noticed a window, below the curtains and rushed to pull them. Jenny pulled the curtains, and screamed in pain, and the sunlight hit her through the window. She fell on the floor, and searched for the nearest shadow to hide. Managing to roll to the wall next to the window, she found a place of safety in the dark. The blast of light woke her up. She felt her skin was burnt, but the pain was vanishing quickly. Jenny looked around again and realized where she was. She decided to use her speed, grabbed the end of the curtain, and quickly ran to the other side of the window, blocking the sunlight from the room once more. Jenny noticed that she had been alone all along only when Nexus appeared at the door. He saw the fading scars on her face and in just a blink stood before her to make sure that she was alright. Continue reading



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The morning was coated in fog, humid and coldish. Autumn was changing into its other suit, the one soaked with raindrops. However, the excitement could be sensed in the entire town. It was the day of the race.

People flooded towards the stadium in lines and groups which were reminiscent of grape clusters thrown all across the streets. It was the event of the month, the pride and honour reflected on townspeople’s faces. Continue reading