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The In-Between: A Septet of Stories


This book is a collection of short stories I have written over the course of the past five years. The tales are connected in ideas, not in plot or characters, carrying the theme of belonging to the in-between of moments, emotions and experiences. It ranges from unfortunate, untimely meetings, detachment in interpersonal relationships, to conversations with death. Continue reading “The In-Between: A Septet of Stories”


So, the new year is upon us, in some parts of the world it has already arrived. With regard to that, Happy New Year!

By now, you probably made a list of things you plan and want to do, and I hope that you stick with those decisions and that they work out for you.

As for me, the next period will be one of introspection and recollection. First and foremost, I will focus on finishing the novel I’ve been working on for a while and my intention is to finish it and have it in the publishing process by the end of this new 2020. And, I have decided to fully dedicate myself to this objective, if I want to accomplish it. That means I’m going to take a break from this blog, just to sort things out with myself and which directions I should take in the future. There’s even a possibility to delete the blog entirely, or at least rebrand it, again. So, when and if I come back, this place is going to be something different, maybe dealing with some of my other interests, such as photography.

I wish you all the best and be brave to pursue your goals!

Ready, Set, Write

ready, set, write

It’s time to start something new, so getting some energy is in order.

Check out The In-Between: A Septet of Stories, a bunch of stories I’ve compiled in a book.

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Food for Writing – Modern Fantasy


Writing modern fantasy requires a savoury preparation that has the same basis as high fantasy, but with its own twist and form. So, to make a modern fantasy dinner, you’ll need the same meat, but you’re going to prepare it in a different way. The end result might not be that unique, however, even for a brief moment, it’s going to be amazing for people’s senses. Continue reading “Food for Writing – Modern Fantasy”

Episode 1: Getting It Done

The In-Between: A Septet of Stories



City Dark Fog


There’s a city, out there, somewhere in all the fog, cold and pollution. But, all you can see is a path of light going nowhere. Continue reading “City Dark Fog”