So, the new year is upon us, in some parts of the world it has already arrived. With regard to that, Happy New Year!

By now, you probably made a list of things you plan and want to do, and I hope that you stick with those decisions and that they work out for you.

As for me, the next period will be one of introspection and recollection. First and foremost, I will focus on finishing the novel I’ve been working on for a while and my intention is to finish it and have it in the publishing process by the end of this new 2020. And, I have decided to fully dedicate myself to this objective, if I want to accomplish it. That means I’m going to take a break from this blog, just to sort things out with myself and which directions I should take in the future. There’s even a possibility to delete the blog entirely, or at least rebrand it, again. So, when and if I come back, this place is going to be something different, maybe dealing with some of my other interests, such as photography.

I wish you all the best and be brave to pursue your goals!